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Free video resources that are geared towards yoga beginners

Here is a periodically updated curated list of free video resources that are especially useful for yoga beginners. Hopefully, this collection will help save you the hours spent searching through the internet for the right class, and instead will get you on the mat and feeling better in no time.

Fightmaster Yoga

Lesley Fightmaster of Fightmaster Yoga was my first online yoga teacher. She was a highly experienced teacher and yet was extremely humble, approachable, and generally just a really nice person.

She taught in a way that made sense and truly cared about her students. As a result, we felt seen even though we never met in person.

She has a huge library of classes on YouTube, maintained and added to now by her husband Duke, and one of her sons, Indy. I recommend beginning with her 30-day challenge. You can find her “Yoga for Beginners” playlist here.

Sarah Beth Yoga

Sarah Beth of Sarah Beth Yoga was also one of my earlier online teachers.

She is an extremely knowledgeable teacher with a knack for explaining complex concepts in simple layman’s terms – a valued talent when you’re trying to gracefully navigate one limb under another in what can often feel like a  spiritual game of advanced Twister.

Being a mom of two she also understands what it means to fit a practice into a hectic lifestyle. Consequently, she has numerous videos that are shorter in length. Like Lesley, she also has a wide variety of classes available. You can find all her playlists here.

Yogalates with Rashmi

Rashmi of Yogalates with Rashmi is someone I have started following fairly recently and I just LOVE her videos.

She has content not only focusing on movement (specifically combining asana with Pilates) but also has videos about breathwork aimed at beginners.

Moreover, she has a no-frills but friendly approach and is exceptional at sliding in little nuggets of why we move in certain ways on the mat, in a way that is not overwhelming for the practitioner. Check out her chair yoga series here.

Coming Soon in 2023

Though I am just starting out with my own channel, Ellie Smith Yoga, I intend on growing it consistently and intentionally over time.

I can only hope that one day I will be at the level of Lesley, Sarah Beth, Rashmi, and so many more.

If there is a particular class or series you would like to see, shoot me an email ( and I will do my best to accommodate.

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